AUDITIONS | In The Heights March 25, 26, & 27

IN THE HEIGHTS is a TONY AWARD WINNING musical with music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton), and a book by Quiara Alegría Hudes. The story is set over the course of three days, involving an ensemble cast of characters in the largely Dominican-American neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City.
The Broadway Production was nominated for thirteen Tony Awards, winning four: Best Musical, Best Original Score, Best Choreography (Andy Blankenbuehler), and Best Orchestrations (Alex Lacamoire and Bill Sherman). It won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album.
Show Dates:
July 22-24 & 28-30
Auditions: venue at the Renaissance Theatre 
March 25, Friday at 7-9pm
March 26, Saturday 2-5pm
March 27, Sunday 2-3 (by appointment only call 256-658-5116 to set up one)
                               3:30-5pm  (Call-backs)
**VIDEO AUDITIONS are welcome. Please email for more information**
-One minute song from a contemporary musical (please bring a pre cut CD and/or sheet music)
-One minute monologue
-Dance attire for dance audition (for legit dancers please bring appropriate shoes for hip-hop and character shoes for Latin dancing)
*ALL roles should be able to dance, especially when specified*
Nina Rosario – daughter of Kevin & Camila Rosario, freshman @ Stanford U, very bright, sweet, feels that she has let everyone down because she’s dropping out of college; high belter (to F5)
Vanessa – Usnavi’s love interest, works at salon, wants to get out of the barrio, worldly and urban; MUST be strong DANCER, high belter (to E5)
Camila Rosario – Nina’s mom, co-owner of Rosario’s Car and Limousine, determined to keep the family together, stands up to Kevin, she is the glue of the family, straight talker; Spanish speaking a plus; strong singer-belter (G3 to B4) - adult up to 50 yrs old
Abuela Claudia – raised Usnavi and Sonny, grand-matriarch of the entire community,
wins the lottery; Spanish speaking a plus; belter (F#3 to C5) - adult up to 50 yrs old
Daniela – Salon owner, brash; Spanish speaking a plus; singer belter (G3 to C5)
Carla – hairdresser works at salon, side kick to Daniela, ditzy; Spanish speaking a plus
Usnavi –owner of De la Vega’s Bodega (corner store), has a thing for Vanessa, hub of the story; rapper/singer, high baritone/tenor (to G4)
Benny – works at Rosario’s Car and Limousine, has thing for Nina; tenor (to Ab4), singer/rapper; cannot be latino (should be African American or possibly Caucasian)
Kevin Rosario – Nina’s dad, co-owner of Rosario’s Car and Limousine, strong actor, dreaming through Nina; singer, baritone (to E4); Spanish speaking a plus (adult up to 50)
Sonny – Usnavi’s younger cousin, works at the bodega, aggressive, charming; rapper/singer, tenor (to Bb4)
Piragua Guy – ice man, tenor with extensive singing (must have sustainable A4), cameo role; Spanish speaking a plus - age ranges from 15-30 years old, must be able to move well 
Graffiti Pete – local graffiti artist, ghetto talk, must have “swag”; strong HIP HOP DANCER, rapper/singer; Spanish speaking a plus
looking for group of 20 balanced Male and Female singers who can move well and dance, (16-30 years old for ensemble with the exception of LMP alum who may be 14 years old). Must be willing to adapt and change appearance such as dying hair, wearing a wig, etc if not of ethnic descent. 
10 FEATURED DANCERS/SINGERS – (Dance in multiple styles – hip hop, latin). Very active ensemble in several large numbers. Will help to be able to pull off latino appearance.
DIRECTOR: Luz T Ladrillono
ASST. DIRECTOR: Miguel Ladrillono
COSTUME DIRECTORS: Gay Broad, Beth Keys and Meridith Sledd


Contact: or 256.417.0593

March | 25, 26, & 27 Renaissance Theatre 1216 Meridian St N in Huntsville, AL

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